EPOS Solutions

EPOS Solutions

Bleep UK PLC have over 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and supplying complete EPOS solutions for retail and hospitality establishments, with over 25,000 installations across the globe choosing Bleep. Our systems are easy to use, intuitive and will add value to your business.

We support you every step of the way, before, during and after your installation ensuring you are getting the most out of your system. Designed to grow alongside your business, Bleep EPOS solutions include our award winning range of terminals, handheld and mobile devices, web back office software and other innovative additions like our loyalty application and dispense management.

Unlike other systems that rely heavily and depend upon 'masters' and 'servers' running for the system to operate, Bleep EPOS solutions have no 'masters' or 'servers' meaning there is no single point of failure... which keeps the tills ringing at all times. Each EPOS terminal within the network is a master in its own right and every terminal receives data from each other, preventing data loss. Terminals can operate offline and self heal when the network is reconnected and back online. They are designed to eliminate downtime, ensuring reliability and this means there is no need for a local server.

Bleep offer a wide range of EPOS solutions to suit your operation and budget. Our emphasis is upon quality, price and service and our customer focused approach will enable you to maximise the benefits of your EPOS Solution. Our award winning EPOS solutions have been designed to cope with the needs of retail and hospitality environments: robust, reliable, flexible and easy to use. We possess the product portfolio, experience and expertise to ensure that you will get the most from your EPOS system and add value to your operation in the most dynamic and challenging environments.

Whether you are a one till retail outlet or a multi-site restaurant group, we can help cut your costs and grow your business through innovative and robust technology and the support of Bleep every step of the way. An EPOS solution from Bleep is not as expensive as you may think, making your dreams of upgrading that clunky old till, or EPOS system that doesn’t do what you want it to do, a reality. We also offer a number of flexible financing and payment options to suit your needs, contact us today to see our systems in action through a demonstration or receive a quote.


One of the UK’s only designers and manufacturers of EPOS systems.

Over 30 years’ experience supplying the retail and hospitality industries.

25,000 Bleep installations across the globe.

Award winning provider of complete EPOS solutions.

In-house telephone and field based support.

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