Bleep EPOS Tablet

Traditional EPOS, in a modern tablet form

Product Description

Product Info

The Bleep EPOS Tablet replicates your till program on a tablet device. It has been designed for use in hospitality environments, like restaurants, where orders can be taken directly at the table and printed at the bar or kitchen.

The Bleep Tablet system functions exactly the same as one of our standard EPOS terminals, except the tablet can be carried around by your staff to serve customers. This device provides the functionality of traditional EPOS but with the flexibility to take orders on the spot without having to return to the point of sale, eradicating the need for a pen and paper!

Through eliminating the need for staff to leave the service area, customer experience and staff productivity is improved as staff is kept on the service floor attending to customers’ needs and ready to make quick and accurate orders while at the customers’ side.

The Bleep EPOS Tablet gives you the flexibility of a handheld, but the functionality of a true tablet device, making it an ideal accompaniment to any hospitality environment.


Main Features

  • Replicates EPOS terminal screens on the tablet display
  • They fully integrate to the network
  • They hold their own totals and table information and are quiet happy to work stand alone
  • Requires one Bleep EPOS terminal to function