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10 Factors to consider when looking for a new EPOS Solution

EPOS is not just about processing transactions.

It should underpin your customer experience and should help you to acquire, retain and grow sales. That is why we have created a handy list of 10 factors to consider if you are thinking of changing your EPOS in 2018:

Easy to Use
Any EPOS should be easy and intuitive for all levels of staff to use. This reduces training costs and will reduce mistakes and ensure the customer experience is positive through speedy, straight forward transactions.

Customer Experience
EPOS systems should have a positive impact on your overall customer experience, through speed of service, queue busting and engagement at the point of sale. We tackle this through our EPOS hardware, software and add on modules such as customer facing POS Media video displays.

Grow as you Grow
Ambitious growth plans? You need to make sure your EPOS provider shares your vision and understands your needs. You need to ensure scalability so you do not out grow your EPOS solution too quickly and end up repeating this process!

Integrated Payments
Integrated Payments (with all the latest payments methods!) are a must in this day and age. They reduce the costs associated with manual keying errors and ensure the payment process is quick and easy.

Como Sense gives you the tools you need to get personal with customers, bring them back, and maximise their spend through personalised loyalty and actionable insights all through your own unique branded app.

Mobile EPOS devices are a great way to enhance your EPOS solution, through the addition of what is essentially a portable till! This allows you to service customers on the shop floor, at the table or in areas which may be some distance from the POS.

Reports and Analysis
Reporting, analytics and data metrics is a big part of our cloud based Web Back Office which allows you to drill down to the detail you require on sales, stock and staff – providing you with the tools to make more informed management decisions.

Stock Control
With W-BO Pro, you can control stock and manage inventory ensuring you have what you need in stock, when your customers need it.

In-house Support (not farmed out to contractors) is an essential aspect of selecting any EPOS provider – and making sure you can reach them when you need them most!

And Finally… Choose the Right EPOS Partner
The EPOS market is highly competitive and congested. Selecting the right partner can be tough but this single decision could have a direct impact on your revenue for years to come!

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