Bleep SS-821 Self-Service EPOS Kiosk

Bleep Self-Service Kiosk Installed in World’s First Car Vending Machine

AutoTrader has this week launched the first contactless car vending machine, offering motorists a haggle-free way to purchase a brand new car.

A team of six engineers spent three months designing and building the contactless car dispenser. A custom-made self-service point of sale system, provided by Bleep UK PLC, and key release function was created, alongside an integrated payment and door release mechanic.

The installation features a brand new Renault Zoe by Lookers Motor Group, and the machine allows purchases of up to £21,000 and you can “buy and go” with a pre-haggled price. The vending machine has been installed in London’s Spitalfields Market following a study by Autotrader finding that Brits think they are bad at haggling.

The Bleep SS-821 Kiosk was selected for this project with AutoTrader, highlighting the flexibility of the Self-Service Solution – making it the perfect option for any point of sale needing durable, secure, versatile and intuitive touch-screen ordering.

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