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Bleep UK PLC acquires Bleep Computing to Bolster Retail Software Capabilities

Bleep UK PLC has successfully acquired Bleep Computing, a firm that specialises in retail point of sale and ecommerce technology solutions, to significantly expand the scope of its own retail operations regionally, nationally and across the globe.

Bleep Computing will now join Bleep UK PLC, bringing with it a whole host of IP’s, skillsets and complimentary systems and services to develop their retail division. With the acquisition, Bleep are looking to develop the solutions of Bleep Computing further, to provide an improved offering to existing retail clients and to help deliver the target of exponential growth in this sector over the next 3 years.

Founded in 1984 jointly by John Wellman and Roger Taylor (3 years after John Wellman established Bleep), Bleep Computing was originally created as the retail technology and development facet of the Bleep group of companies. Roger Taylor took control of the firm in 2002 and the two companies became separate ventures. The opportunity to purchase the London based firm arose due to the retirement of Roger Taylor and this was something that was seen as a key milestone in the growth of Bleep moving forward.

Bleep Computing has a track record supplying to a variety of large chains and small stores, such as the popular high-street footwear brand Superga, the prestigious Wimbledon All England Tennis club and establishments such as the Roald Dahl Story Centre and Museum, Bewilderwood and the Manchester Art Gallery. For clients such as these, there will be a seamless transition with no disruption to any services and all clients will simply be supported by Bleep UK PLC.

Whilst Bleep currently operates within retail environments and has achieved success, this deal means that the firm can now offer improved retail point of sale software for any need. This can come in the form of an extensive fashion matrix, flexible ecommerce links, or even software for businesses that need to operate offline in areas with poor connectivity. The skills to develop and write the software are now completely in-house – allowing for bespoke modifications and new developments through increased research and development.

John Wellman, Group CEO of Bleep UK PLC commented, “Reacquiring Bleep Computing and bringing the software, services, knowledge and expertise into our growing company will add another weapon in our arsenal as we look to aggressively pursue new business within retail and hospitality sectors. It will also benefit our existing customers as we continue to add to the staff and skillsets within the business.”

“This acquisition is a key aspect of our growth strategies and will help us differentiate our services further in what is a highly competitive environment. Bleep UK PLC are already active within the retail industry but this will expand our capacity to provide innovative and reliable solutions – utilising the distinct strengths and USP’s of Bleep Computing.”

The purchase of Bleep Computing comes hot on the heels of Bleep launching their new merchant services and card payments division, Bleep Payments, last month. This is all part of an ambitious growth and expansion project across the UK as the company aims to improve its offering and increase resources to increase market share and provide market-leading EPOS and Payments solutions for retail, hospitality, events and entertainment environments.

About Bleep UK PLC
Bleep UK PLC is an award winning designer and manufacturer of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems and Payment solutions for retail and hospitality, including bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, bakeries, fast food, stadia, arenas and world’s biggest and best events. We have over 30 years’ experience providing bespoke, innovative, flexible and reliable EPOS and Payment solutions for any business, for any requirement, in any industry, emphasised by over 25,000 installations worldwide.


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