Mobile Payments

Can you accept Mobile Payment Technologies at your point of sale?

Mobile POS Payments are growing globally, in terms of transaction values, according to the Statista Digital Market Outlook, and will continue to grow moving forward.

The Mobile POS Payments segment includes transactions at a point of sale that are processed via smartphone applications (so-called mobile wallets). Well-known providers of mobile wallets are ApplePay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay. The payment, in this case, is made by a contactless interaction of the smartphone app with a suitable payment terminal belonging to the merchant. The data transfer can be made, for example, via wireless standard NFC (Near Field Communication) or by scanning a QR code to initiate the payment. A user pays for a purchase via a mobile wallet application by triggering an online bank transfer or by using a digitally stored credit or debit card (Host Card Emulation).

After a relatively slow early adoption rate, mobile payments are now seen as the ‘norm’ and are widely used by all ages – not just the younger generations.

Whether you currently don’t accept card payments, think you are paying too much in fees, want greater reliability from your payment processing or want to integrate EPOS and Payments for speedier, more streamlined transactions, Bleep can help.

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