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Consumer Survey Illustrates the Importance of Accepting Card Payments

A recent consumer survey has illustrated just how important the acceptance of card payments (and mobile payment methods) is within Hospitality, Retail and Events Environments in the UK.

According to the study, by Statista Survey, 82% of respondents used debit cards as a payment method at a point of sale in the past 12 months (from March 2019). 39% used credit cards and 16% have used mobile payment wallets (via smartphone), representing growth in this developing payment technology.

Throughout the same period, contactless transactions continue to grow throughout the UK, proving just how crucial it is for businesses of all sizes to be able to accept card payments – whether this is via traditional chip and pin methods, contactless or mobile. However, the study also highlights that perhaps the move away from cash will not be as quick as first predicted – but it is coming – with 81% still making cash transaction.

Whether you currently don’t accept card payments, think you are paying too much in fees, want greater reliability from your payment processing or want to integrate EPOS and Payments for speedier, more streamlined transactions, Bleep can help.

Bleep UK PLC can allow you to accept fast, flexible and reliable card payments and also provide you with award-winning, user-friendly and reliable EPOS Systems – creating an innovative, all-in-one solution that will allow you to serve more people, faster and with a better overall customer experience.

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