Bleep EPOS

Do you want more from your Merchant Services Provider?

Bleep UK PLC is pleased to announce that we will soon be able to offer Merchant Services for payment processing. 

As a market leading and award winning provider of EPOS Solutions for over 30 years, we can now provide for all your Payments needs, from Merchant accounts with card payment terminals, right up to fully integrated EPOS till systems.

– Merchant services to allow acceptance of Visa & MasterCard payments.

– All payment types can be accepted, including contactless, mobile phone and Apple Pay.

– Fully accredited with ISO certification to ensure safe and compliant payment processing.

In-house UK support team and local account management support.

– We can handle the switching process from your existing supplier to ensure there is no impact on your day-to-day business.

Register your interest in accepting payments with this exciting new service from Bleep UK PLC by speaking to one of our Payments experts. Call 020 8961 5200 or email to request a quote or find out more.