Bleep EPOS

EPOS & Payments… Convenience is key!

The EPOS and Payments industry is a dynamic, constantly changing environment.

Bleep UK PLC is at the forefront of this environment with a clear focus on innovation and new developments to improve the life of businesses that deploy this point of sale technology and the customers who use it. Customers in both retail and hospitality environments demand convenience and efficiency at the point of sale and businesses that do not adapt can suffer as a result.


Gone are the days where you simply have a till on a counter and manually enter the amounts per transaction. Integrations come in all shapes and sizes and can help to streamline an operation and improve the service and convenience that it provides to customers. They can include payments, back office, loyalty schemes and other software for room bookings, online reservations, etc.

Mobile Payments

Customers expect to be able to pay where and when they want. This includes on the shop floor, at their table or on the move. The habit of simply queuing up at a point of sale and waiting for your turn is not for every environment. Business operators have to be flexible enough to cater for their customer’s demands and target them appropriately.

Payment Options

Contactless and mobile phone payments are now at record levels… and still growing! Innovation in the payments industry is driven by the expectations and desires of customers and it is no longer acceptable to not accept cards, let alone the latest card payment technologies. Failure to adopt these technologies can damage customer loyalty and revenue in general as we move away from cash. Offering multiple ways to pay, whether in retail or hospitality, factors into many people’s buying decisions.

Hardware & Software

EPOS technology can be confusing – with so much competition it is difficult to know what to pick. That is why is important to speak to experts and suppliers who understand your needs and your industry and can develop a solution around them. Bleep has over 30 years experience and design and manufacturer our own EPOS hardware and software which provides us with the flexibility to provide full EPOS and Payment solutions to our clients exact requirements, which can grow in line with your business.

Simplicity is crucial with EPOS and Payments – the emphasis is upon speed and convenience, without compromise on the overall customer experience. Expectations of EPOS and Payments are changing and if you feel like you need a supplier who can exceed your expectations, contact Bleep UK PLC today on 020 8961 5200 or and speak to one of our friendly experts!