Bleep EPOS

Get your Bleep EPOS ready for reopening

It has been a tough time for many of our clients over the past few months. With the easing of government restrictions and the possibility of many of our clients reopening to this ‘new normal’, we wanted to take the time to help you ensure that your EPOS system is prepared.

Follow these quick and easy steps and make sure you are ready to reopen…

Check all EPOS terminals are powered on and booting up to the loading screen. Similarly, check all printers are powered on and feeding paper. Scanners should be projecting a laser. Card terminals should have the normal powered on display.
Ensure your EPOS terminals are on the network – this can be simply done by checking in the bottom right-hand corner of each of your till screens (if you have more than one on the same network) for the little green and red boxes flashing. Card terminals should have 3 green rectangular network boxes signifying that they are connected to the network router (please bear in mind that GPRS units don’t have these rectangular boxes).
Check your date and time is correct and if it isn’t you will need to give our technical support line a quick call where one of our trained EPOS experts can easily talk you through correcting them whilst you are in front of a till.

Tests and Checks
Prior to restarting trading, it is imperative you run tests and checks on your system and its usual functionality. Check all cabling and connections are fitted properly and securely, especially if anything has been moved.

You can also find a more detailed guide to reopening at the link below, but if you still need assistance, rest assured, Bleep is here to help. Feel free to contact us by phone on 0844 89 30 888 or via email at where one of our friendly team of EPOS experts will be happy to assist.