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Drink to a Bleep EPOS solution

If you are a Nightclub, Pub or Bar, then Bleep has the experience and expertise to provide you with a custom made EPOS system that can exceed your requirements. We strongly feel that investment in our touch screen technology will result in improvements in efficiency and staff productivity, while also giving you greater control over your business, whether you are a multi-roomed nightclub, stylish cocktail bar or local public house.

We have over 30 years experience in this industry, which gives us a unique ability to create a custom made, cost effective, EPOS solution where every aspect is tailored to suit your operation. This could be in the form of our hardware, modules, or software, all of which are uniquely designed and manufactured specifically for your operation. This is why every small detail is carefully and meticulously managed and planned, tailored specifically to your business, your customers, and your environment, so your operation can feel the benefits immediately.

How will it benefit you?

A Bleep EPOS till system will assist you in improving the overall experience and service provided at your points of sale, no matter what the scale of your operation, with benefits for management, employees and customers.

Our systems and software provide innovative methods to carry out a wide range of tasks and customer requests, such as categorising popular beverages, promotional drinks or the creation of tabs, to the more complex issues, such as price changes and price levels for different occasions, loyalty schemes and special offers, all of which are designed to assist staff and impress customers.

Why Bleep?

Bleep have a proven track record in satisfying the demands of Nightclubs, Pubs and Bars and also proving to be flexible and adaptable enough to cope in this dynamic and changing environment. It is our aim to provide you with the tools to improve experiences for staff, resulting in better productivity and efficiency, and also to improve the overall experience for customers. We recognise the unique attributes each business holds within this industry, which is why our solutions mirror this, with each EPOS system unique in its own right.

Some of our Clients

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