Restaurants & Dining

Bleep specialises in bespoke EPOS systems for all types of dining experiences, such as Fine Dining, Restaurants and Cafes. We strongly believe that investment in our products and services within this industry can significantly improve the overall dining experience, customer satisfaction and interaction, as well as boosting efficiency, whether in the kitchen, behind the bar or on the restaurant floor.

How will it benefit you?

Bleep’s Touch Screen till systems deliver greater efficiency, control and management, while also improving the experience of staff and customers alike. Our software allows for complete table management, providing greater control over numbers, with orders, bills and discounts all easily accessible via the touch screen. It also has the capacity to make menu changes quickly and easily, ideal for any style of restaurant, cafe or dining establishment.

Every establishment is unique in its methods and requirements, something which we take great pride in our ability to cater for, whether you require price changes, menu updates, bill splitting, or varying payment options, Bleep can meet, and exceed your needs.

Why Bleep?

One Stop EPOS & Payments Solution

No Single Point of Failure

Real Time Operating System (RTOS)

Design, Manufacture, Supply & Support

Over 37 Years’ Experience

Modular, Scalable Solutions

Choosing Bleep makes perfect sense...

The Dining industry poses unique challenges that only a provider of reliable, flexible and high quality EPOS solutions can conquer. Every day has the potential to require something different from an EPOS system, with menu changes, promotions and differing customer volumes and trends. At Bleep, we understand what you require from an EPOS solution and that is why we design and manufacture our own, flexible enough to be able to meet any requirement, both now and in the future.