The highly competitive retail environment is Bleep’s forte, whether this is fashion stores, food retail, convenience stores or small family run retail shops, we have a solution well suited for you. Our innovative Touch Screen systems improve efficiency and overall customer experience, with the flexibility to adapt to a dynamic, changing environment.

How will it benefit you?

Bleep EPOS till systems incorporate the latest technology and innovative design to effectively cater for the needs of the retail environment. From designer fashion stores to convenience outlets, we offer a multitude of features and functionalities which can enhance your customers’ experience at your point of sale.

Our software provides control over stock, staffing and security, while managing the varied range of daily customer transactions in a fast, reliable fashion. We cater for the very latest in payment methods, such as contactless and mobile phone payments, to ensure that you can meet the changing demands in methods of payment.

Why Bleep?

One Stop EPOS & Payments Solution

No Single Point of Failure

Real Time Operating System (RTOS)

Design, Manufacture, Supply & Support

Over 35 Years’ Experience

Modular, Scalable Solutions

Choosing Bleep makes perfect sense...

Our in-house Design and Manufacturing team, as well as our dedication to Research and Development, provide us with the ability to offer the retail environment with the most advanced and effective EPOS solutions on the market. We cater for all segments within the retail industry, whether this is food, fashion or convenience, offering anything from hardware only, for those with their own software, to a full EPOS solution, including hardware, software and Web based Back Office. Bleep provides a reliable, innovative and flexible system that can meet the demands of the retail environment, without compromise.