Stadia & Entertainment

Bleep specialises in custom made EPOS systems for the world’s biggest and best stadiums, arenas and entertainment establishments, catering for Sports Stadiums, Destination Arenas, Theatres and Venues. All our clients have benefitted from investment in touch screen technology across their facilities, including catering kiosks, hospitality and function suites, in-store systems with ecommerce integration as well as in-house restaurants, bars and fast service operations. This investment in a flexible, fully integrated EPOS system can be a major benefit in establishing and improving your venue.

How will it benefit you?

A Bleep EPOS till system is quick, reliable and easy to use, allowing for an effective service for customers and staff alike. Our systems and software are designed to maximise your POS efficiency and effectiveness, preventing queues, allowing for quick service and ensuring a positive customer experience, whether you are a stadium, arena, theatre or concert hall.

The requirements of this industry ensure that our focus is on a quick, yet effective service, designed to serve large volumes of customers in a short time. The layout of product menus is all geared towards a fast service, with repeat orders, promotions and stock countdown all seamlessly integrated, while event specific price and product changes are quick and simple.

Why Bleep?

One Stop EPOS & Payments Solution

No Single Point of Failure

Real Time Operating System (RTOS)

Design, Manufacture, Supply & Support

Over 37 Years’ Experience

Modular, Scalable Solutions

Choosing Bleep makes perfect sense...

Match Days, Concerts and Shows can be feast or famine. Concourse areas and Bars can be empty during the match or show, with business peaking during half time, intervals or breaks. This poses relatively unique challenges and issues, resulting in the need for orders to be processed as effectively and efficiently as possible, with waiting times kept to an absolute minimum. At Bleep, we recognise this and our EPOS systems are designed to ensure your business is well equipped to overcome the specific challenges facing you.