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Prevent loss of sales with Bleep’s queue busting solutions

Recent research by First Data has determined that queues are the biggest annoyance faced by British shoppers, but very little is being done by retailers to address the issue.

The study of 2000 UK high street shoppers concludes that Britons find retail queues more irritating than any other queue for services or goods – with only 8% of respondents saying they’d wait the longest in a retail store queue. It is felt that whilst retailers understand the problem most don’t know what to do about it.

73% of retailers believe long queues put customers off shopping there and 80% think it’s only acceptable for customers to wait 5 minutes maximum in a queue. Yet a huge 54% struggle with a sudden influx of customers. Half of retailers also believe that the answer is to throw more staff at the problem. Similar results would also be felt within the hospitality industry, with queues often off putting and providing a negative experience or poor customer experience.

Therefore, the answers to queue busting within retail and hospitality must lie within EPOS, mobile and payments technology.

Mobile EPOS technology, such as handheld and tablet devices provide portable solutions which businesses can use to proactively or reactively tackle queue build ups or for stock checking in retail environments, or tableside ordering in hospitality.

The latest payment methods and technologies can also play a big role in reducing queues and the loss of revenue due to long waiting times as integrated card payments, reduce transaction times and the chances of manual keying errors, whilst the ability to pay by contactless, mobile phone or Apple Pay means transactions can be processed in an ultra-quick fashion.

An extensive, live back office reporting system is also a valuable tool in the fight against queues as it allows business owners to make more informed decisions based on up to date and historical business and customer data and trends, something which Bleep’s Web Back Office provides.

The traditional EPOS system, in terms of both hardware and software also has an important role to play with the hardware needing to be flexible and robust enough to cope during the busiest periods, with the software user friendly, intuitive and fast for each and every sale. Bleep EPOS solutions have been designed to cope in high footfall retail and hospitality establishments, bringing together all the above points to create an entire solution which can proactively limit queues and reduce any potential loss in revenue that the sight of queues may bring, keeping your busiest times busy, without your customers going elsewhere.

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