Como Sense


Product Info

Como Sense is the essential cloud-based solution for customer engagement and loyalty. It can help you to get every customer to spend up to 41% more over the course of a year.

Como Sense gives you the tools you need to get personal with customers, bring them back, and maximise their spend through personalised loyalty and actionable insights. Available in two versions, full and express, we can recommend the version that is right for you and your business.

Businesses can reward their customers with discounts, gifts, coupons, punch cards, point’s schemes, promo codes and much more, all designed to engage and retain customers and drive loyalty through an easy to use app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Quick and easy to manage and use, for operators and customers alike, the user friendly, innovative, modular loyalty platform allows for smart and targeted loyalty programs to drive sales, increase engagement and ensure customers are retained in highly competitive environments, such as restaurants, bars, clubs, fast food and retail operations.

Full management reporting allows complete control of the loyalty program and personalised content, rewards and promotions can be administered with in-depth analytics to give management a clear identification of what works and provide a greater understanding of their customers.

Bleep UK PLC is proud to be partnered with Como, the global leader in data-driven customer engagement solutions for retail and hospitality chains. Together, we’re on a mission to provide you with the most innovative tools on the market for driving customer loyalty and growing your business.


Already Inside your Bleep EPOS – Seamless connectivity with your Bleep EPOS and any 3rd-party services, such as e-commerce, payments, and ordering.

The Complete Toolset – The tools to engage customers, gain insights, and grow your business—all working together.

Data-Driven Success – The BI at your fingertips to keep track of all your customers and then motivate them to come back and spend more.

Personalised Loyalty Programs – Bring customers back with rewards and incentives, such as joining and birthday gifts, points, cash back, and digital punch cards.

Branded Mobile App – Engage customers 24/7 with a mobile app that’s customised with your business’ branding, content, and special offers.

Actionable Data and Insights – Understand your customers and influence their behaviour with real-time performance data and customer analytics.

Multichannel Communication – Reach out to customers with powerful tools, such as SMS, push notifications, app messages, and email integration.

Marketing Automation – Target customers based on profile and purchase history with smart, automated campaigns that save you time.


  • Modular mobile loyalty platform fully flexible to fit your needs.
  • Suitable for retail or hospitality – any operation can benefit form Como Sense.
  • Quick and easy – simple to setup and seamless to manage.
  • One stop shop – everything you need and anything you choose.
  • Branded and customised – your colours, your language, your look and feel.
  • Everything is handled using an innovative mobile application – there is no need to swipe, or keep cards or fobs.
  • Effective way to increase customer retention, enhance loyalty and improve profitability.
  • Engage with your customers, get to know them better and keep them coming back!
  • Como Sense is proven to get results and provide a return on investment.
  • 30% Higher average purchase for members vs. non members.
  • 48% Increase in monthly purchase frequency after one year.
  • 41% Increase in monthly purchase amount after one year.