Bleep Dispense Management



Product Info

Bleep Dispense Management comprises a complete family of dispense solutions that provide total control for every aspect of beverage dispensing and inventory management. These easy to install and use solutions are ideal for Nightclubs, Pubs and Bars, or any establishment that wants to control and monitor the dispensing of products, ensuring costs and product losses are reduced with quick and precise dispensing.

Our dispense solutions are ideal for professional bar and venue environment where durability, accuracy, speed and stability is a must. They are designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your pouring operation, enabling a flawless pour, whatever the solution.

Running alongside W-BO (Dispense) you can immediately access real time sales data from any location, providing you have access to the internet. W-BO also allows for inventory management of all open goods entered into the system and dispensing can be checked against POS receipts, allowing for identification of problems for immediate resolution.

Our Dispense Management Products consists of Bleep Pour, Bleep LogoTap and Bleep Beer Monitor.

Bleep Pour

  • The newly developed pour spout is the smallest and most powerful liquor dispenser on the market.
  • 4 Pour Sizes Quick and precise dispensing of 4 different pour sizes which is easily programmable through software. With a simple push of the button to change of 2cl, 3cl, 4cl, and 5cl or any other sizes.
  • Free Pour Option In addition to the 4 programmable pour sizes the Spout has a free pour mode with counting every cl/ounce.
  • Rechargeable Battery a powerful Li-ion battery allows it to pour more than 4000 drinks without recharging.
  • Bartender ID and Bottle Change A built-in bi-directional radio transceiver communicates with the Master where all bottle changing and bartender ID is registered.
  • Radio frequency: free frequency ISM 868 MHz in Europe, ISM 915 MHz in USA & Australia, program adjustable.

Bleep LogoTap

  • High speed touch and pour dispense method with accurate measures and inventory security, directly connected to your Bleep EPOS system and Back Office.
  • Raises the profile of your beverage brands with customisable plaques which are back lit with 7 LED lights, which are easy to interchange.
  • LogoTap allows bottles to be exchanged in a quick and simple fashion.
  • Bleep LogoTap helps to increase your bars profitability by highlighting your commitment to serving high quality brands, maximising your drinks presentation.
  • LogoTap has been proved, on average, to increase category rate of sale by 50% through raising the visibility of your mainline brands, inspiring during your customer’s decision process.
  • Recording and reporting of all dispense activity, available as standalone, or with wired or wireless integration with Bleep EPOS.

Bleep Beer Monitor

  • Total Beer, Wine and Syrup control.
  • Provides you with the most advanced overview of your bar operation.
  • One Beer Monitor master unit controls up to 12 flow lines with accurate flow data.
  • Controls and monitors cooling room temperature, keg status, shelf life, cleaning status and fridge temperature.
  • Easy programming of cleaning and reset functions with problem diagnosis.
  • All electronic dispensers can be controlled via the Back Office, giving you a wealth of opportunities for specific reports and information.