Bleep POS Media


Product Info
Bleep POS Media is an intelligent video 7″ display powered by Android™, designed to replace traditional 2×20 customer facing displays to increase customer engagement and interaction at the point of sale. POS Media is a three in one display, consisting of an advertising screen, customer display and a touch screen terminal allowing for customer or server EPOS interaction.

Bleep EPOS terminals support these 7″ Widescreen LCD Customer Facing Intelligent Display, which instantly catches the eye, also allowing for out of home digital advertising, providing a potential revenue stream in the form of paid for 3rd party advertisements. These in-store digital adverts use Bleep EPOS terminals to target messages to individual buyers, designed to attract customers and boosting sales if used for internal brand messages or increasing revenue if sold externally. This effective method of advertising serves as a reminder for loyal customers and can also be used for promotion of special events, offers or additional requirements. Adverts can be uploaded via Web Back Office and streamed to the required terminals simply and quickly, using mp4 files for videos or jpegs for images.

POS Media ensures your customer display retains is primary purpose, as once a transaction is entered onto the EPOS system it automatically overlays the content on the screen, leaving the advert to play in the background. The customer can clearly see item by item what has been purchased, the method of payment and change amount, if applicable. Once the transaction is complete the content disappears within a few seconds, leaving the advert to play solely across the screen.

The POS Media display also comes which a capacitance touch screen allowing customer interaction, such as entering customer loyalty details directly on the display. It also has the capability to run a version of the EPOS software in hospitality environments, which can allow the servers to enter orders directly onto the display, making it the first EPOS terminal where orders can be entered simultaneously on both the front and back screen.

POS advertising attempts to influence customer buying decisions and habits, while also presenting the products to new customers to convey the primary brand benefits. It is designed to catch the eye in an otherwise distracting environment and lead to impulse purchases; POS advertising must be noticeable and effective. A number of Bleep clients utilise the customer facing element of their EPOS terminals for internal advertising, such as special offers, up selling, promotions and raising brand awareness. Others benefit from selling the screen space to 3rd parties, creating a new revenue stream in the form of relevant advertising for anything from Taxi firms to business partners and sponsors.

Events such as the World Cup, The Open and the Commonwealth Games all recently benefitted from the deployment of Bleep POS Media displays.


  • Three in One screen – Advertising, Customer Display, Interactive Touch Screen
  • Increase sales through upselling and highlighting promotions and offers
  • Increase revenue through paid for advertisements
  • Raise brand and product awareness
  • Decrease the perceived customer waiting time
  • Engage and interact with customers at the point of sale
  • Enhance the customer experience