Chip & Pin


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All Bleep Terminals fully integrate with Ingenico EFT Card Readers, but we will select which individual unit is best suited to your operation. We only utilise the best in compact, user friendly, and innovatively designed Chip and Pin terminals and we are able to provide a choice of fixed or wireless options in order to best meet your requirements.

Our Ingenico PIN Pads cover every possible payment method including contactless and mobile phone (NFC) and offers true convenience for shoppers, diners, drinkers, fans and any kind of paying customer. Boasting secure transactions, extensive communication technologies and a plug-and-play installation, this compact PIN Pad is an unmatched, innovative solution; speeding up transactions and addressing the needs of the customers across retail and hospitality environments.

Save money on your merchant services… we supply card payment terminals for all your debit and credit card payments, for businesses of all sizes. Click below to arrange a demonstration or for your personalised, tailored quote.