Bleep PAY Now


Product Info

Bleep PAY Now is a wireless payment solution for hospitality operations, allowing the bill to be printed and payments to be taken, directly at the customer’s table.

Bleep PAY Now integrates a portable Ingenico handheld terminal with your Bleep EPOS system. This integration means that a customer’s bill and all items are shared between the EPOS system and the payment terminals, with no need to re-key anything. Orders are placed on the Bleep EPOS system, which then communicates with the portable terminal to generate the bill, via a Bluetooth connection. Once the bill is closed on the payment terminal, it is also instantly closed on the till system, ready to be reallocated again.

By entering the table number on the Ingenico device, the unit will call up the fully itemised bill and total amount automatically, meaning payments at the table are taken quickly, efficiently and accurately. Additionally, once the table is closed on the Ingenico unit it is simultaneously closed on the EPOS system ready to be used again. This is what makes PAY Now unique over standard pay at the table devices, as it is a fully integrated wireless payment solution that works with your Bleep EPOS system.

Designed to be carried by waiting staff at all times, any bill can be produced immediately, which is printed and fully itemised for the customer to view at the table, as well as the ability to process the card payment via Chip and Pin, Contactless and magnetic swipe. The transaction is carried out in front of the customer, improving security and minimising fraud, with the option to split the bill to share payment, add gratuity or even just pay by cash. Bleep PAY Now enables a quicker turnaround of tables, reducing the payment process time, eliminating errors and the potential for fraud and freeing up staff to focus on customers and service.


    • Offers unique tableside payments as all bill information can be called up instantly from the wireless device, with the ability to add a service charge, spilt the bill and finalise the transaction
    • Enables a quicker turnaround of tables as the payment process time is reduced by the card terminal closing the table on the EPOS system
    • Improves the efficiency of the payment process in table service environments
    • Eliminates errors and the potential for fraud as nothing is re-keyed
    • End of day reconciliation is easier and more accurate
    • Frees up staff to focus on customers and service, putting an end to staff having to walk back and forth from till to table
    • Ensures a positive lasting impression is taken home with customers as waiting is reduced
    • Safe and secure as all transactional data is kept away from the till and back office system
    • Improves the security of your customers payments and complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

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