Kitchen Video System



Product Info

Bleep Kitchen Video Systems are designed to maximise efficiency levels in your kitchen areas – reducing errors, simplifying orders, streamlining communications, speeding up service and seamlessly uniting your dining area with the kitchen.

Our Kitchen Video System allows orders to be sent directly from the EPOS (whether a fixed terminal or handheld device) straight to the kitchen displays in a matter of seconds. Orders for preparation are displayed in a simple, user-friendly way with all order details listed whilst also featuring a timer, as well as a colour coded traffic light warning system based on waiting times and kitchen targets.

Kitchen staff productivity can now be measured by the ability to monitor the preparation time, from receiving an order to ‘bumping’ the order out. Productivity reports are available from W-BO (Bleep’s cloud based Web Back Office) showing every order sent to the kitchen and the time it took to prepare and serve.

This paperless option replaces the need for kitchen printers and can cut your operation costs through a reduction in errors, an increase in service times and the reduction in the consumables associated with other methods. The KVS works in perfect synergy with Bleep front of house EPOS terminals and mobile EPOS handheld allowing you to future proof your ordering processes through this innovative and reliable kitchen technology.

Our Kitchen Video Systems come with an array of hardware options to suit any environment – including robust, mountable or freestanding touch screen displays or standard monitors complete with the hard-wearing, programmable Logic Controls Bump Bar.

The KVS can be configured to suit any type of food and drinks dispensing operation. AN unlimited number of monitors can be connected together to display drink orders in the bar area, food orders in the prep, mains and dessert areas in the kitchen and even one on the pass for the final bump-off when the server delivers the dishes.

Get it right and on time, every time, with Bleep KVS.


  • Check size is auto populated based on order – easy to read with clear timing notifications
  • When utilising touch screen display hardware, items can be crossed off as they are completed
  • Can work alongside Kitchen Printers – For example, Mains go to the KVS, Desserts go to the KP
  • You can have separate Kitchen Video Displays for each station, area or printing location – such as one for starters, mains and desserts
  • Multiple Kitchen Video Displays can be set up where the bumping of orders can be sent to next KVS – Starters, then to Mains, then to Desserts
  • You can have multiple screens with one as the master on the pass and slave units on preparation
  • Can hold multiple orders on screen and previous orders can be recalled
  • Kitchen Video System can also be used for drinks orders


  • Increase restaurant and kitchen efficiency
  • Enhance communications with the Kitchen
  • Increases service speed to help ensure a positive customer experience
  • Streamline your kitchen operation
  • Eliminate errors and mistakes with no lost orders, misplaced or unreadable tickets
  • Reduce costs with no more kitchen printer consumables