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Product Info

The Bleep OrderPAY Self-Ordering Mobile Application allows customers to order and pay for food and drink from a smartphone app and have it delivered directly to their table or seat within your venue.

The mobile application is highly customisable – making it suit your business, branding and menus perfectly – helping you to enhance your customer experience and build lasting digital relationships with your customer base. Customers can view the menu, then order food, a round of drinks, or both – and pay via the app on their credit card, debit card or by PayPal – with no queuing and all without having to leave their seat.

Orders made from the mobile app will be immediately sent to your preparation area, via a Kitchen Video Display, where they can then be produced ready to be taken to the customers table or seat – no queues, no interrupting conversations, no inconvenience. The OrderPAY app will also send all orders to the cloud-based W-BO (Web Back Office) simultaneously, for real-time sales and stock reporting.

Mobile ordering technology retains human interaction and customer service but simply adds convenience and efficiency for those who expect to be able to use mobile ordering applications within hospitality environments. This innovative self-ordering app, developed entirely by Bleep UK PLC, is ideal for a whole host of hospitality operations, including restaurants, pubs, bars, coffee shops, fast food, stadia and entertainment venues.

The Bleep OrderPAY Self-Ordering Mobile Application can drastically speed up your service, improve ordering accuracy and increase spend per head – allowing you to drive retention, revenue and profitability.


  • Reduction in queues and service waiting times
  • Increased spend per head
  • Increases staff efficiency and productivity
  • Retains human engagement and customer service
  • Order accuracy is increased
  • Customer experience is enhanced through convenience
  • Build digital relationships with further engagement via push notifications and promotions
  • Highlight customisable, user-friendly mobile application tailored to your business
  • Flexible enough to suit any hospitality operation