SS-821 Self-Service Kiosk

User-Friendly Ordering Automation

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Product Info

The Bleep SS-821 is our new Self-Service Kiosk for fast service, retail and stadia environments.

Designed to enhance customer engagement and provide a greater level of service efficiency, the Bleep SS-821 offers durable, secure, versatile and intuitive touch-screen ordering. Robust enough to cope with high footfall environments, our user-friendly software makes it quick and easy to process a transaction from initial browsing to selecting items and making a payment.

Customers want to be able to order and pay for items in a fast, effective and convenient way and the Bleep Self-Service Kiosk does just that – making life easier for customers and businesses alike through a high-class performance and versatile operation. In certain environments, the Self-Service Kiosk can save you money, as staff and operational costs are reduced.

The purpose-built Kiosks can be wall mounted and comes complete with a built-in touch-screen, software and fast receipt printer – and can even have an integrated card payment device.

Orders from the Kiosks will then be immediately sent to your preparation area, via a Kitchen Printer or Kitchen Video Display, where they can then be collected. The Kiosks also link to W-BO (Web Back Office), for real-time sales and stock reporting.

The Bleep SS-821 will increase transaction speed, restrict queues and improve ordering accuracy, whilst also increasing spend per head and ultimately, reduce staffing costs.

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  • Self-Service Kiosk consists of a built-in touch screen, intuitive software and thermal high speed receipt printer – and an integrated card payment terminal can be added
  • Intelligent and intuitive software allows for quick and simple navigation through products, screens and menus
  • Customer orders can be made for immediate collection or for half time/interval orders
  • Orders will be instantly sent to a Kitchen Printer or Kitchen Video System to be prepared by staff prior to collection
  • Links to W-BO (Web Back Office) for live, real-time sales reporting and stock control insights
  • Menu design, new products and price changes can all be managed remotely from W-BO for all Kiosks


  • Easy for customers to interact with
  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Transaction times increased, and queues reduced
  • Ordering accuracy is improved
  • Customer engagement is enhanced
  • Spend per head increases of as much as 6%
  • Customers are proven to dwell more when ordering, leading to them selecting more
  • Staff and operational costs are reduced
  • Robust enough to cope with high footfall, fast paced environments
  • Versatile performance across a multitude of industries and operations – fast food, stadia, events, theatres, retail and more

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