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Product Info

Bleep’s Web Back Office (W-BO) is a unique, web based product. This means you can gain access to real time data, from literally anywhere in the world, at any time, always keeping you in control of your business. It is a multi user, multi store, multi language, multi level security policy application that is a total back office solution.

As a module driven service, rather than an application, W-BO maintains the competitive edge in that the service is charged for on a monthly basis and modules may be activated or deactivated as and when required, allowing the flexibility to control what you want, when you want.

The basic package is the W-BO Core, containing all of the functionalities needed to control you business on a daily basis, such as, live sales data, end of day reporting and sales and staff performances.

W-BO puts the emphasis upon control.

Reporting Stock Control
Server Reports Purchase Orders
Product Reports Deliveries’ Accepted
Department Reports Transfer to Locations
Media Reports Products Write Offs
Hour Reports Product Waste
Global Reports Stock Count Sheets
Drill Down Facility Stock Valuation
Price Changes Stock Variance
Monthly Graphs Per Location Margin Reports
Top Ten Sales Products Deliveries Details
Average Ticket Sales Returns List
SMS Report for Each Location Stock Take List
Dashboard Designer Detail Food Cost
Table Revenue Reports Stock Per Location

W-BO Core - The Standard Solution

The W-BO Core Module contains all of the facilities you need to control your business on a day-to-day basis.

– Live sales data
– Full end of day reporting
– Changes can be introduced online

W-BO Pro - Stock and Recipe Management

The Pro module of W-BO adds the ability to control your stock and recipes.

– Stock taking, ordering and invoicing
– recipe costing module
– This allows for infinite control over your re-ordering decisions
– can be used by any size of enterprise, from single restaurant to multiple chain

W-BO SMS - SMS Report Add-ons

This small module helps to keep you in touch when you can’t spare the time to log into our web service.

– Reports and alerts sent via SMS
– handy for people who travel or have multiple businesses

W-BO CCTV - EPOS Surveillance

For the security conscious, multiple IP cameras (wired or wireless) can be installed into your establishment(s) to record and monitor events which can be later recalled for review.

– All footage recorded is streamed to a small, unobtrusive server
– For maximum protection, this data can also be streamed to our online backup servers
– Data recorded is time stamped by the minute
– Used in conjunction with our EPOS terminals, all till events can be synchronized and replayed

W-BO POS Media - Customer Experience Control

This module allows you complete flexibility over your customer facing intelligent LCD displays as you can create, change and amend your POS display with videos or images, to enhance your customer experience.

W-BO Dispense - Keg and Bottle Dispense Monitoring

Bleep Dispense Management comprises of a complete family of wireless products that provides control solutions for every aspect of beverage dispensing and inventory management.

– W-BO (Dispense) also provides inventory management of all open goods entered into the system and dispensing can be checked against POS receipts identifying problems for immediate resolution.