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Seafood Pub Company’s Loyalty Program Boosts Member Spend by 100%

Seafood Pub Company Success Story
Gastropubs and inns
10 Locations
Northern England, UK

Seafood Pub Company is a growing group of 10 gastropubs and inns in Northern England. At a time when more than a thousand British pubs close each year, the business has raised £18M to expand! ComoSense, the customer management platform that has bought them into the digital age, has contributed to much of their success and helped them engage customer through their mobile app.

Goal – The Right Incentives for the Right Locations

Each Seafood Pub Company location has its own personality, style and menu. So with each new business opportunity came an increasing challenge: how to better understand each locations unique customers to keep them coming back – and spending more. The company was looking for a way to tap into technology they needed to stay competitive in a tough business.

Solution – Data-Driven Targeted Marketing

The flexible Como Sense solution, integrated with the Seafood Pub Company’s Bleep EPOS solution, made it easy to group customers into segments and target them accordingly. Each restaurant has its own branded mobile app for digital rewards like stamp cards, points, mobile wallet and gifts.

When customers sign up for the loyalty program, they indicate their preferred pub (along with demographic info). The platform continues to collect and analyse all the data about members’ activities, and the business acts on that date automatically by communicating with each member through push notifications, SMS and exclusive offers in the app. For example, on game days, they send a push notification to sports pub customers, with a special promotion for that night. They also keep tables full by sending out 20%-discount coupons to nearby members a few hours before dinner.

Success – Growth in Brand Loyalty and Revenue

Seafood Pub Company has seen business growth at several key levels. With effective personalisation, they increased the spend of loyalty program members to double the average, In sheer volume, ComoSense has driven more than £1 million in purchases in the last six months. Customers love the relevant rewards and members’ club experience that the app provides, as shown by the extremely high engagement rate and the increased repeat visit to the restaurants.

“Restaurants and pubs should embrace solutions like ComoSense. It’s a fantastic new way to interact with customers and really engage with their needs. It enables my business to grow and expand by offering real added value to our customers.”
Joycelyn Neve
Founder and Managing Director of the Seafood Pub Company

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