Ready to Reopen? Here is your handy guide to get your EPOS ready to go!

Ready to Reopen? Here is your handy guide to get your EPOS ready to go!

It has been a tough time for many of our clients over the past few months. With the easing of government restrictions and the possibility of many of our clients reopening to this ‘new normal’, we wanted to take the time to help you ensure that your EPOS system is prepared.

Please ensure you follow the below steps carefully before reopening:

1. Ensure all tills, printers and network/ethernet switches are powered on and are communicating with each other (can be checked by putting a few test transactions through and making sure that they print at the correct printers).  If you use table service within the business, again put some tests through that will hold against tables and can be recalled and added to from other terminals if more than one.  Also, check that the cash drawers fire when paying off to a cash media.

2. You may also find that the date/time is incorrect on the tills, specifically if they have been powered off for some time.  If you give our technical support line a call, then one of our trained technicians can quickly talk you through correcting them while you are in front of a till.  Alternatively, if you are familiar with logging in to the system using the Bleep distributer code, then you can find the SET TIME and SET DATE buttons on there (generally located on the 2nd row in the middle).  Please ensure that the time entered is in 24-hour format and date format is DD/MM/YYYY

3. If you have handheld devices, then these will also need to be checked and tested before trading.  We advise that they have been on charge for at least 12 hours and they communicate via the PC Workstation (PCW) which is a small black miniature PC and should be connected to your local network via an ethernet cable (as standard, it won’t have a keyboard or monitor attached).  If you are struggling with the next part of testing the handheld’s, then it may be that the PCW has either been powered off, or it needs rebooting.  To check this, the PCW has a power button on the front and depending on the version, and it should be lit up.  If it hasn’t got a light on it, then just check the power lead in the back of it and press the power button.  If it is lit up, hold the power button in until it goes off, give it 20-30 seconds and then press the power button.

If the above has been checked then test each handheld in turn by making sure you can log in with a user code and then the next step would be to open a table and make sure you can send/hold items against it and once held, that table shows up on the tills (use the recall check or recall table function).  Again, those items should have printed at the relevant printers as well.

4. All credit card machines should be powered on, and the three rectangular boxes at the top of the display are green.  If they are red or white, power the unit off either by removing the power lead on the Ingenico iPP model or by carefully removing the battery from the compartment on the underside of the Ingenico iWL model and also pulling the power lead out from its charging/paired Bluetooth base.  The same procedure can also be carried out if the letter “B” on the iWL model is red (should be blue if it can see the base it is paired with).

5. If you have access to Web Back Office (W-BO), then it would also be a good idea to make sure it has two-way communication from it and the tills at the site.  Once you’ve done all the testing required as mentioned in the above, we suggest attempting a test cash up that you would typically perform at the close of business and do an end of day Z report.  This would, in turn, create the text files that W-BO would look for and if communications between the site and W-BO is working then, W-BO will update with your test data.  Also, it would be prudent to do a synchronise from W-BO so that the tills are as up to date with their menu’s, users, screens, etc. However it may be that the raspberry pi box, generally that is a small black box customarily located somewhere near your internet router, may either be unplugged /powered off or in need of a reboot.  To do this, you should find that there is a micro USB cable plugged into the device.  Remove it and leave out for 20-30 seconds, plug back in and as long as you get some lights to appear on it, then it should be powering back on, and communication to W-BO will start again after a few minutes (as long as you have a working internet connection at the site).

If you still need help to get your business ready to reopen, one of our EPOS experts will be happy to help. Email at or call on 0844 89 30 888 and speak to one of our friendly team.