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Technology and the Bottom line for Events Operators

Ross Weszka, Group Marketing Manager, Bleep UK PLC, talks technology in 2019 in the May 2019 issue of Access All Areas Magazine.

What have you noticed changing in technology?
One major change we have noticed the last few years and accelerated here in the UK, is the move away from cash and the growth of contactless and mobile payments. Event’s organisers and operators are now seeing this as essential across hospitality, food and beverage and retail environments.

What sort of demands are organisers/agencies requiring?
The obvious one, and this is probably the same across a number of industries, is the pressure on costs and ultimately maximising the bottom line. Whilst investing in technology, like our EPOS and Payment solutions can be seen as costly, they can positively impact an events bottom line through increased spend per head, maximised sales through speed of service and card payment methods and by a reduction in losses, the latter often a ‘hidden’ cost.

How much does cost come into the equation?
Of course, it is a factor – however, with artist and production costs rising and ticket prices generally at a ceiling, new, or improved revenue sources are required. Investment in EPOS and Payment technology can offer event’s organisers this new or improved revenue stream – whether that is just by serving more customers, offering card payments, or just a greater level of control over what they are selling, how much they are selling and how much they are taking.

Are you more proactive or reactive in this competitive market?
We are more proactive – we have to be to continue to win events business – even though the value of ‘word of mouth’ and positive customer experiences cannot be underestimated. We have won a lot of business on the back of successfully supplying certain events and therefore resulting in the ‘go to’ supplier for any event looking to enhance its operations.

What does the future of event technology look like in 10 years’ time?
The future of event technology will likely all be around new forms of content delivery and consumption, with the growth of mobile and social engagement. Obviously, events becoming cashless environments is likely to also be a given in the not too distant future, with some events organisers looking at this much sooner.

Is the events sector is on trend with technology solutions or behind?
In terms of point of sale technology and the availability of this kind of customer-facing tech, events are quite far behind other industries. However, in the past couple of years, we are seeing huge growth in event organisers of all shapes and sizes looking to improve and enhance the way they transact with customers on site and how they take payments.

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Source: Access All Areas May Issue