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The Benefits of Handheld EPOS for Hospitality and Retail

Bleep Handheld EPOS solutions represent a suite of handheld devices for hospitality and retail to boost your till area where and when it is needed most.

Wireless handheld devices enable sales and orders to be inputted into the machine remotely – basically providing your business with another portable till, complimenting a Bleep EPOS solution. We are all familiar with queue busting machines at fast food eateries, but hospitality establishments and retail outlets can also utilise and maximise the benefits from portable, handheld solutions, which include:

Speed of service – Speed up your service and reduce queues by deploying handheld devices proactively within your environment, to serve or take orders at the customers table, or on your shop floor.

Queue busting – Long queues and lines during the busiest parts of your sales day can be managed more effectively and ‘busted’ using mobile EPOS, thus avoiding any potential customer’s satisfaction issues, or even lost sales, due to long waits.

Customer experience – Reduced queues and a speedy service will help to improve and enhance the overall customer experience and create a smooth and efficient customer journey – especially when it comes to paying!

Upselling – Turn cashiers into sales consultants with mobile EPOS. During customers decision-making process help them to make a purchase and even provide up-sell and complimentary item options to drive even higher revenues.

Special sales anywhere – With mobile EPOS, you can now consider new ways to drive sales. With Mobile POS, when you get the customers excited and they are ready to buy, you can sell to them on the spot and drive impulse.

Use when needed – Using Bleep’s Web Back Office to analyse trends and forecast demands, you can assess exactly when Mobile EPOS will need to be deployed. The devices can also be quickly accessed to react to any sudden changes or demands that need to be tackled.

Use where needed – Mobile EPOS can be used in the areas or at the sites where it’s needed most, providing you with another till in the outdoor eating area in summer months, or covering an area of your retail space which has a low conversion rate, or is prone to upselling.

We recommend the blending of traditional EPOS with handheld devices, which will provide hospitality and retail operations with more flexibility, whilst delivering a speedier service and better customer experience. Improve your POS efficiency with a Bleep EPOS system, with additional handheld devices

To understand the real, tangible benefits of using handhelds and Bleep solutions within your business, speak to one of our EPOS Experts by calling 020 8961 5200, emailing, or by clicking the link below to find out more.

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