Bleep EPOS

Upgrade your EPOS system and be one of our 25,000 success stories

Are you tired of your existing EPOS solution? Do you want more from your point of sale operation? Bleep UK PLC is here to help.

You can benefit from joining Bleep and investing in our award winning, innovative EPOS and Payment solutions, which have been used at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games and over 25,000 other installations worldwide. Looking to continually enhance and develop your existing EPOS solution with the latest innovations and technological developments can offer you a competitive edge, add value to your operation and make your point of sale more efficient. We can offer you:

EPOS Solutions – Our EPOS solutions includes our award winning hardware and software, ideal for both retail and hospitality environments, all of which is designed to grow alongside your business. Investment in Bleep technology future proofs your business, allowing you to benefit form the latest technologies through a fast, flexible, robust and proven system. An EPOS solution from Bleep is not as expensive as you may think, making your dreams of upgrading that clunky old till, or EPOS system that doesn’t do what you want it to do, a reality.

Payments Solutions – Accepting the latest payment methods quickly, effectively and securely is imperative for any business. The growth of contactless payments and the expectation from customers to process a transaction in seconds means that businesses can no longer ignore these new payment technologies. Bleep can offer a range of payment solutions which can help you, from wireless pay at table technology for hospitality establishments and retail pin pads to all in one, rental solutions, with prices starting at just £14.95 per month.

Loyalty – Our new loyalty app, Bleep Connect is a great way to retain customers and promote loyalty for both retail and hospitality establishments of all sizes. It is quick and easy to manage and use, for operators and customers alike, providing a smart and targeted loyalty platform ideal for highly competitive environments. Bleep Connect is an effective way to increase customer retention, enhance loyalty and improve profitability by engaging with your customers, allowing you to get to know them better and keep them coming back!

Dispense – Bleep can offer a complete family of dispense management solutions for nightclubs, pubs, bars and restaurants which control and monitor the dispensing of beer and spirits. Designed to reduce costs and product losses through quick and precise dispensing of liquids they also run alongside the W-BO Dispense module, which can provide real time analysis into your pouring operation.

Web Back Office – Simply put W-BO, is the ultimate tool to control your business. It provides a complete overview of your business through real time, cloud based sales, stock and staff data. This allows you to make more informed management decisions based on real, live data and trends, even if you are not on site at your business. This level of analytics and data can provide you with a real cutting edge over your competition and help your business to run more efficiently, with a number of modules available to meet your exact requirements.

We can guide you every step of the way to ensure a smooth, cost effective transition and we can even arrange for live demonstrations at your location or one of our showrooms. You can find out more about potential hardware and software modules available for you by speaking to one of EPOS experts by simply calling 020 8961 5200 or emailing